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Where to look when choosing a home breaker?
Addtime: 2022-08-30

Now, if I were to choose a wall breaker, in addition to the price of the wall breaker and the brand of the wall breaker, here are some points that the electrical appliance manufacturer TOTA will pay special attention to.

a. What is the working speed

The essential difference between the wall breaker, the juicer and the soymilk machine is the working speed. The wall breaker is actually a cooking machine, which can be simply understood as a cooking machine with a high speed. Because of the high speed, the ingredients can be whipped more delicately. Usually, the speed is above 20,000 rpm to meet the requirements of the wall breaker. In order to whip more delicately, it is recommended that if you buy it, choose the one with the rotation speed of more than 30,000 revolutions per minute.

b. The number and style of the cutter head

The number of cutter heads is generally divided into 4 knives, 6 knives, and 8 knives. For example, a 6-knife wall breaker means that the cutter head can touch the food 6 times for each revolution. But it is not that the number of cutter heads is better, the number of cutter heads is also related to the capacity of the cup body. Generally, for household capacity, 4 or 6 knives are enough, and for large-capacity wall breakers, it is recommended that you choose 8 knives.

The knife head is divided into serrated knife and dull knife. The serrated blade is designed to make up for the lack of motor power, so choose a toothed blade for low speed. If the rotation speed is high, it is better to choose a blunt knife. When the blunt knife runs at high speed, the eddy current is more uniform, and the whipping will be more delicate, and the blunt knife head is relatively strong and durable. The speed of the wall breaker is high, and it is recommended that you choose a blunt cutter head.

Wall breaker price

c. What is the capacity of the cup

Usually the capacity of the machine is a major factor in the price, and the larger capacity is naturally more expensive. It is suggested here that when buying a wall breaker, buy it according to your own usage. For one person, 300ml is generally enough. For two people, it is recommended to choose 600ml. For a family of three, generally about 1L is enough. Buying one that is too large will not only cost a lot of money, but also occupy a lot of space, making it inconvenient to clean it every time.

d. What is the material of the cup body?

The main materials of the cup body are 304 stainless steel, high borosilicate glass, Tritan and so on. In contrast, 304 stainless steel is more durable, but the high borosilicate glass can observe the situation in the cup at any time, which is more practical.

e. Working voice

The working sound of the wall breaker has always been a headache for many people. When some wall machines work, the sound is similar to that of an electric drill, which is particularly annoying.

When the wall breaker is working, the ingredients can be whipped finely by the high-speed rotation of the motor, and there is no way to achieve complete silence during this process. At present, the more common noise reduction methods are to improve the motor and air duct structure, and to increase the soundproof cover. These methods will reduce the sound of some work more or less. We can learn from these aspects when purchasing.

f. Can the cup body and the motor be separated, and is it easy to clean

Cleaning is an inescapable issue for any kitchen object. In some wall breakers, the cup body and the motor are integrated. This design is not only bulky, but also inconvenient to clean. And be careful not to let water get into the motor. Therefore, it is recommended that when you choose, try to choose a style in which the cup body and the motor can be separated. In addition, if the machine itself has a cleaning function, it is more convenient.

g. Can the machine be heated?

Some wall breakers have sufficient power and are especially finely whipped. But only cold drinks can be made, not heated. This means that, for example, when making soy milk, it must be poured into the pot again and boiled before drinking. Morning time is precious, adding this process will naturally take longer to make, and one more pot needs to be washed.

Now, there are heated and unheated wall breakers, and the price is not much different. Therefore, when we buy, buy one that can be heated, which is convenient and convenient, and can be done in one machine.

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